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Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, South Carolina

At Sexton Dental Clinic, patients can receive one-day, custom-fitted dentures. People from all over the world visit the Florence, South Carolina, clinic to get their dentures quickly and painlessly. As of 2013, the practice offers affordable “Basic Dentures,” “Characterized Dentures,” and “Signature Dentures.” Depending on the patient’s budget and desires, the dentist can recommend a specific style.

Although the professionals at the dental clinic can recommend a specific brand of denture cleanser, patients should also buy American Dental Association-approved products. These brands have the ADA seal on the package, and they are tested and approved for safety and efficiency. Sexton Dental patients should also store their dentures properly at night. Ideally, they should be submerged in an approved denture solution that cleans and maintains the appliance. Wrapping them in a paper towel is not a good way to store them because someone can easily mistake the wrapped dentures for garbage and throw them out.

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