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Do not let dental terms such as crowns and bridges intimidate you. Both services are simple to apply and contribute greatly to your oral health.

Unlike dentures, which can be removed, crowns and tooth bridges are affixed to your teeth. A crown is a cap for your tooth designed to support a damaged tooth and enhance its appearance. Dentists normally apply crowns to weak or fractured teeth, protecting them from further wear and tear. Crowns are available in different materials such as gold and ceramic.

Just as crowns cap damaged teeth, bridges fill gaps left by missing teeth. Dentists prescribe bridges out of concern that your remaining teeth might move in to fill gaps, which can cause bad bites and gum disease. Like with crowns, bridges give you a choice of material such as porcelain or ceramic.

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No matter an individual’s particular needs, Sexton Dental Clinic offers a host of comprehensive services designed to enhance oral health. Improving one’s smile is as simple as visiting the clinic’s specialists and receiving cleanings, crowns, bridges, fillings, and other cosmetic and restorative work. The clinic also offers a by-appointment-only hygiene department, which readers can learn more about by visiting

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