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Most patients at Sexton Dental are searching for a way to improve the appearance of their teeth. Many of them choose to get high-quality veneers like LUMINEERS. These ultra-thin, permanent veneers do not cause tooth sensitivity or pain during the procedure.

The dentist at Sexton Dental makes an impression of the patient’s teeth and sends the mold to a special lab. The patient chooses the desired shape and shade of the LUMINEERS, and the lab creates the custom veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, LUMINEERS do not require the dentist to shave a major portion of each tooth.

Tests show that LUMINEERS can last up to two decades, but regular cleanings every six months are advisable. Additionally, patients can brush and floss normally with LUMINEERS in place. Even though these veneers last for years, the patient can have a dentist remove them at any time.


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