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Girl's FaceToddlers are not interested in hearing about the importance of clean, healthy teeth. They just want to run and play. Fortunately, you can turn brushing into a fun and engaging game.

Make a big deal out of an event and your toddler will get swept up in the idea of taking part in adult activities. Take your toddler to the store and make a big to-do over letting him or her choose a brush and toothpaste flavor. He or she will probably lean toward favorite characters, like Elmo or a superhero, and that is fine. At this stage, getting them to brush is more important than the type of brush they use.

Similarly, focus more on getting your toddler in the habit of brushing than in particulars such as brushing for at least two minutes, brushing the tongue, and so on. Toddlers enjoy imitating adults in their lives, so stick close and make a show of getting the fronts, tops, and bottoms of your teeth. If you brush for longer and make a point of brushing certain areas, your toddler will likely follow along.

Maintain regular dental appointments so your dentist can monitor the child’s oral hygiene.

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