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The staff of Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, South Carolina, understands that some patients experience mild to intense anxiety about any procedure at the dentist’s office, no matter how caring or experienced the professionals in charge may be. The practice, therefore, offers intravenous sedation to patients whose health and individual concerns make it an appropriate option for everything from routine cleanings to more invasive procedures. Trained anesthetists administer the medication and control its levels in the bloodstream, putting the patient into a deeply relaxed, yet awake, state.

Sedation is most appropriate for patients who are so genuinely fearful that they may put off dentist visits unless their anxieties can be relieved. These patients may exhibit low tolerance for pain or may have extremely sensitive teeth, be unable to sit still for long periods of time in the dentist’s chair, or experience a severe gag reflex.

Although patients under sedation typically retain no memory of undergoing a procedure, most will require a pain-numbing medication at the treatment site to alleviate post-procedure discomfort.

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