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Girl's FaceToddlers are not interested in hearing about the importance of clean, healthy teeth. They just want to run and play. Fortunately, you can turn brushing into a fun and engaging game.

Make a big deal out of an event and your toddler will get swept up in the idea of taking part in adult activities. Take your toddler to the store and make a big to-do over letting him or her choose a brush and toothpaste flavor. He or she will probably lean toward favorite characters, like Elmo or a superhero, and that is fine. At this stage, getting them to brush is more important than the type of brush they use.

Similarly, focus more on getting your toddler in the habit of brushing than in particulars such as brushing for at least two minutes, brushing the tongue, and so on. Toddlers enjoy imitating adults in their lives, so stick close and make a show of getting the fronts, tops, and bottoms of your teeth. If you brush for longer and make a point of brushing certain areas, your toddler will likely follow along.

Maintain regular dental appointments so your dentist can monitor the child’s oral hygiene.

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Sexton Dental Clinic opens its doors to patients far and wide across the United States. The clinic offers treatments such as dentures, teeth cleanings, bleaching, whitening, crowns, fillings, and more.


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Understandably, many women pregnant with their first child worry that anything done to their bodies could negatively impact their pregnancy. The truth is, certain dental procedures offer tremendous benefits to women and their unborn children.

One popular myth concerning pregnancy and dental health is that pregnant women lose at least one tooth every time they become pregnant. Babies do not take calcium from your teeth, although they do depend on your continued oral health. Studies conducted by researchers at the University of Alabama revealed that women who did not receive teeth cleanings during their second trimester delivered premature babies more often than those who had their teeth cleaned.

Make sure to maintain good dental habits early in your pregnancy as well as beforehand. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, make an appointment with your dentist for a check-up. The check-up should include a gum examination; heart problems are linked to gum disease and can compromise pregnancy. Your dentist can also load provide a lot of helpful information on how to keep your mouth healthy over the ensuing nine months.

About Sexton Dental

Serving patients throughout the United States, Sexton Dental Clinic provides an array of general and specialized services, such as several types of dentures, cleanings, root canals, and more.

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Most patients at Sexton Dental are searching for a way to improve the appearance of their teeth. Many of them choose to get high-quality veneers like LUMINEERS. These ultra-thin, permanent veneers do not cause tooth sensitivity or pain during the procedure.

The dentist at Sexton Dental makes an impression of the patient’s teeth and sends the mold to a special lab. The patient chooses the desired shape and shade of the LUMINEERS, and the lab creates the custom veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, LUMINEERS do not require the dentist to shave a major portion of each tooth.

Tests show that LUMINEERS can last up to two decades, but regular cleanings every six months are advisable. Additionally, patients can brush and floss normally with LUMINEERS in place. Even though these veneers last for years, the patient can have a dentist remove them at any time.

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At Sexton Dental Clinic, patients can receive one-day, custom-fitted dentures. People from all over the world visit the Florence, South Carolina, clinic to get their dentures quickly and painlessly. As of 2013, the practice offers affordable “Basic Dentures,” “Characterized Dentures,” and “Signature Dentures.” Depending on the patient’s budget and desires, the dentist can recommend a specific style.

Although the professionals at the dental clinic can recommend a specific brand of denture cleanser, patients should also buy American Dental Association-approved products. These brands have the ADA seal on the package, and they are tested and approved for safety and efficiency. Sexton Dental patients should also store their dentures properly at night. Ideally, they should be submerged in an approved denture solution that cleans and maintains the appliance. Wrapping them in a paper towel is not a good way to store them because someone can easily mistake the wrapped dentures for garbage and throw them out.

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Do not let dental terms such as crowns and bridges intimidate you. Both services are simple to apply and contribute greatly to your oral health.

Unlike dentures, which can be removed, crowns and tooth bridges are affixed to your teeth. A crown is a cap for your tooth designed to support a damaged tooth and enhance its appearance. Dentists normally apply crowns to weak or fractured teeth, protecting them from further wear and tear. Crowns are available in different materials such as gold and ceramic.

Just as crowns cap damaged teeth, bridges fill gaps left by missing teeth. Dentists prescribe bridges out of concern that your remaining teeth might move in to fill gaps, which can cause bad bites and gum disease. Like with crowns, bridges give you a choice of material such as porcelain or ceramic.

About Sexton Dental

No matter an individual’s particular needs, Sexton Dental Clinic offers a host of comprehensive services designed to enhance oral health. Improving one’s smile is as simple as visiting the clinic’s specialists and receiving cleanings, crowns, bridges, fillings, and other cosmetic and restorative work. The clinic also offers a by-appointment-only hygiene department, which readers can learn more about by visiting

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The staff of Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, South Carolina, understands that some patients experience mild to intense anxiety about any procedure at the dentist’s office, no matter how caring or experienced the professionals in charge may be. The practice, therefore, offers intravenous sedation to patients whose health and individual concerns make it an appropriate option for everything from routine cleanings to more invasive procedures. Trained anesthetists administer the medication and control its levels in the bloodstream, putting the patient into a deeply relaxed, yet awake, state.

Sedation is most appropriate for patients who are so genuinely fearful that they may put off dentist visits unless their anxieties can be relieved. These patients may exhibit low tolerance for pain or may have extremely sensitive teeth, be unable to sit still for long periods of time in the dentist’s chair, or experience a severe gag reflex.

Although patients under sedation typically retain no memory of undergoing a procedure, most will require a pain-numbing medication at the treatment site to alleviate post-procedure discomfort.

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